Unrequited retail therapy, effects of

Does one’s material urge increase or decrease the more one shops? Even window shopping? For me, do I want more more MORE stuff? Yes I continue to wish for the same items – a Wusthof Santoku knife, a Rinnai 4-burner BBQ (with wok burner and range hood), a TREK tri-bike for Tuxedo – but I change my mind about other things, their significance is reduced. Just as well because we don’t have the dollars, but even if I did? I don’t think I’d go mad. Even whilst working full-time in well-paid jobs with no-one to think of but myself and my savings accounts, I was never an impulse shopper; I had my Wish Lists and kept to those, did not deviate. Yes I love my lists, but I’m always very specific in my wants, I don’t buy anything that isn’t exactly, precisely, absolutely what I want.

I read a certain make-up/cosmetics forum and the sheer amount of spending – on a daily/weekly basis – on make-up and clothes makes me feel exceedingly ill, actually – and I am a girly-girl in many ways, I love playing with cosmetics and having pretty things. But who needs 30 lip glosses (which was the average number owned by people on this forum, in a recent poll)? I own two lipsticks and three glosses. I have one bottle of foundation and do not repurchase another bottle of either that foundation or hunt for another until I’m out. I don’t collect, is what I’m saying.

Even if I had millions I wouldn’t spend it obscenely – like everyone I’ve thought of what I’d do if I won a 15-million Lotto jackpot. Substantial gifts of monies to my (and Tux’s) immediate family members; establish charity trust funds; buy a nice house in an average suburb (three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms – one with jacuzzi – courtyard and room enough for several cats and maybe a dog for Tuxedo); invest in shares and property. Nothing ostentatious and spenderiffic. No Hummers or Fabergé eggs.

I went into town for no real purpose yesterday – the first time in months I’ve done such a thing. I only really go in to meet up with Tuxedo or others for lunch/drinks, to get my hair cut, to run errands eg, Medicare rebate. Yesterday I had booked a make up session at my favourite Laura Mercier counter in my favourite department store. I really like the MA (Make up Artist) at this counter – she’s got good taste, is funny and direct and although some might find her rather too “strong” (read, pushy) for their tastes, I don’t mind, I’m well able to hold salespeople off and she gets the message that I only wish to buy that one item and that is all.

I had fun – she did a really nice job with foundation (my favourite foundation is LM’s Moisturising Foundation); a bit of concealer to tone down the red birthmark-type splodges between my eyebrows and on my chin; eyes made up in a trio of pretty greens; lashings of mascara and a pretty lip gloss – a pinkish nude (not too nude – I don’t wear the “nude” look well, as I have very full, pigmented lips and going nude/beige makes me look as sick as when I’m doing my involuntary whimpering-writhing-puking thing).

I had planned to buy – and so did buy – the UnderCover concealer/camouflage duo; it’s a liquid/cream concealer in one pan and a more powdery heavier coverage in the other. It’s great value – particularly when you look at other brands and the $ per gram ratio – and very versatile. I skipped the green eye shadows and blush and shimmer-brick powder (although the shimmer-brick might go on my Wish List for when we win that Lotto draw). I then headed to The Body Shop and treated myself to some Vanilla shower gel – yum . I also needed some “necessities” in the form of three pairs of knickers and a crop top/bra as my underwear situation has been getting a bit erm critical of late (all black, cotton/lycra by Ambra, a very nice underwear line and not expensive – not ultra-cheap either but then the really cheap stuff doesn’t last two washes and I consider that false economy). I also picked up a few pairs of sock for Tuxedo – boring black jobs for work and good white sports socks – the underwear selections are far too boring so I’ll go online for those.

It’s the most shopping I’ve done for myself in about six months, wahey big spender!

Mind you. I would like the DIOR eyebrow pencil (a very nice pencil with a tapered brush for feathering, for my thick but invisibly white-blonde eyebrows), and a few items from MAC* but I find that after each shopping trip – which are VERY rare – the level of importance, the priority of many items on my Wish Lists, reduce or are deleted entirely.

I STILL really want that Wusthof Santoku knife, a Rinnai 4-burner BBQ, a TREK tri-bike for Tuxedo, though. One day, one day . . .

*I love MAC’s colour cosmetics – their eye liners and shadows and blushes – I don’t like their face make up, eg foundations and concealers, so much.  I do, however, want the following:

Eye kohl pencils in Smolder; Tarnish and Prunella

Eye shadow pans in Seedy Pearl; Sketch; Velvet Moss; Femme Noir; Antiqued and Knight Divine

Powder blush in Margin

Make up brushes no’s 187 (a buffer brush – also known as the “skunk brush” for its black brush with white tip) and 252 (brush for use with either eye shadows or cream products)

Empty magnetised palettes to fill with the eye shadow pans

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