I heart PZ Myers

If you haven’t discovered and bookmarked him yet [shame on you shame!] PZ Myers writes the best, most thought-provoking and entertaining science blog out there; Pharyngula is mind-bogglingly fascinating reading material if you’re after evolutionary biology and all things science.

He also gives sensational linkage, like this:

Science after ID

and makes arthropods sexier than Tobey Maguire could ever hope to do:

Hmmm those spidey senses sure are tingling *

* My favourite piece of imagery from this post? The male spider making up a doggie bag of semen. Birthday party goodie bags will never have the same association for me now.

And just for the romantics amongst us [and to prove that smart, geeky males do get the girls]:

Cephalopod lurve

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  • Dave  On Wednesday 8 March 2006 at 5:00 pm

    Oh man, I’ve just been wandering around scienceblogs via those links and loving every page of it. This requires a whole separate folder for RSS feeds!

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